Guided Tours of North Florida
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Cave Diving Courses
Technical Diving Courses
Email Us Your Questions and Comments"Welcome cave divers! - cave diving with  one of the best and a highly experienced cave diving instructor, in the best caverns and caves of the world."

Cave Diving
Instruction & Certification in Cavern training, Introduction to Cave (Intro-to-Cave), Combination Cavern/Intro-Cave (combo), Apprentice Cave, Full Cave Diving, Stage Diving, and DPVs.

Technical Diving
Certifications in cave diving with Nitrox, Technical Nitrox, and Advanced Nitrox, Trimix.

Scuba Diving
Certifications in Scuba Diving (Openwater), Advanced Scuba Diving (Advanced Openwater), & Scuba Diving Specialty Certifications

Guided Tours
Guided tours in North Central Florida's caves for the certified cave diver

Cave diving & cavern diving in the Yucatan, Akumal, & Cozumel

About us in Lake City Florida, Lodging, Picture Gallery, Tips, and Contact Info
Resources for the cave diver, scuba diver including information about us, proper training techniques, frequently asked questions,
equipment, lodging , where to dive, dive conditions as well as tips and  links

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